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Horse Back Riding Riverside Park. Photo By: Gail Repka

If you have interest in creating new playgrounds for people, pets and wildlife, join our volunteer team! Come ride with us, as we blaze new trails making outdoors fun again, to the new generation. The Victoria Parks Coalition is dedicated to making parks improvements projects Dreams become a Reality in our community!

Heron Photo By: Gail Repka

The Victoria Parks Coalition is looking forward to collaborating with local bird enthusiasts to establish a birding habitat which is intended to attract more birds into Riverside Park. Utilizing, the beautiful, unused property, at Hiller House, the vision is to develop birding trails, water features, nesting areas, bird blinds and a visitor center. Supporting unique projects such as this is why The Victoria Parks Coalition Exists!

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The Victoria Parks Coalition is currenlty proposing to seek funding to establish a 36-hole Disc Golf Course at Patriot Park in Victoria County. Creating a Championship Disc Golf Course on this wonderful property, which is surround by lakes, will draw players from across the state and nation.


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